ONA Polo Named for the Ona (Slek’nam) indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego, a nomad tribe in the southernmost tip of Argentina, known for their great stature, athleticism and strength. Performance Polo Equipment Ona Polo builds premium polo equipment innovating through technology and design, providing technical solutions engineered with simplicity and functionality; produced with impeccable craftsmanship and the most advanced materials. #Adding Performance to your Game Performance brings confidence and with that a greater enjoyment of the game. Nothing rivals the exhilaration of a good game well played and a trophy won. At Ona Polo we are driven by the challenge and commitment to procure the best possible equipment which gives you that competitive edge and makes your polo experience simply amazing. #1 Choice of Polo Professionals​ We strive to improve the performance of the player’s game by making products which respond to the extreme challenges of the sport. Performance is paramount to us: it is the difference between winning and losing, between a minor bruise and a broken finger. To achieve this, we never compromise in quality, safety or performance. This spirit of excellence has made Ona Polo the #1 Choice of Polo Professionals.
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